HARD GEL 50g|BHB50-09
HARD GEL 50g|BHB50-09

HARD GEL 50g|BHB50-09

Self leveling hard builder gel 50g

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SKU: BHB50-09
Weight: 0.05kg
Barcode: 758984941825

Product Name: Hard Gel 50g

Product Volume: 50g

Product Function: For gel nail extension


1.Excellent consistency, sef-leveling ,easy to make ideal shape easily.

2.Extra hard after curing, with tenacity, not easy break.

3. Low burning feeling even with a thick layer, better experience for customers.


  1. Prep nails, apply Beautilux rubber base coat, cure for 30s.
  2. Apply Beautilux professional nail forms properly.
  3. Apply Hard Gel/Jelly Gel and shape the gel with nail brush, until got your ideal shape and length.
  4. Cure in lamp for 10s, use a professional shaping tweezers to make ideal curve.
  5. Cure in lamp for 60~90s, fine shaping the gel nails with sander, or nail file and sponge file.
  6. Apply gel polish color or make nail art designs as your wish.
  • This gel will have burning feeling if the power of your lamp is too high, please use low heat mode to avoid the pain of heating.