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Welcome to Beautilux

Established in 2014 with a dream that emanates from the enchanting realm of beauty, Beautilux has dedicated itself to crafting professional manicure products that embody both luxury and elegance.

Experience the Magic of Beautilux

Be invited to experience the magical world of Beautilux, where nail care is not just a service, but an art. Our vast collection of over 2,000 gel polish colors and weekly new releases guarantee you are at the forefront of the beauty industry. With Beautilux, beauty is truly in your hands.

Professional Manicure Essentials

Our suite of professional products is extensive, featuring high-quality nail gel polish, false nails, precision tools, breathtaking nail decorations, and efficient nail lamps. The attention to detail and relentless pursuit of perfection in our offerings to ensure that each nail treatment is an experience in itself.

Innovation & Quality

At our cutting-edge Gel Polish factory, we harness the power of modern technology with 10 automated filling lines and a capacity of over 2 million units per month. With meticulous stability testing, we maintain our commitment to surpassing industry benchmarks for quality, securing various certifications and compliance with EU standards.

Global Reach and Dedication

Beautilux's prestige extends beyond borders, reaching over 100 countries. The creation of our subsidiary in France signifies our dedication to providing exceptional service worldwide. Our superior quality, elegant packaging, sensible pricing, and outstanding after-service forge a connection with our customers, inspiring style and trust.

Join the Beautilux family, become our distributor, and let your business soar with creativity and success. Our comprehensive support system and tailored partnerships are designed to help you captivate your clientele and achieve our mutual goals.

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